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Benefits & drawbacks of a Partnership firm that you should know

Choosing the correct structure of your Business is equally important as setting up the Business itself. Any wrong decision can cost your Business dearly. The Partnership is one of the most prevalent structures in India. Numerous Businesses adopt this Business structure for its various benefits.   But the ultimate decision depends on your Business structure […]
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Top 8 mistakes to avoid while applying for Business Loans

Business Loans offer an excellent opportunity for Small & Medium Businesses to manage and scale-up their Businesses. Today it’s comparatively easy to avail loans from Banks, & NBFCs under various Government schemes. But the application process is still complex and needs a lot of attention to avoid rejection or delay. Today, I will highlight such […]
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Understanding Overdraft Facility and its types

When you establish a Business, having a surplus fund is critical to managing it without any hiccups. But often Small & Medium Businesses face cash-crunch & struggle to manage daily Business operations. Fortunately, multiple Financial options are available for such Businesses. In this blog, we are going to discuss Over Draft facility. Understanding  Overdraft Facility […]
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What are the benefits of a Small Business Loan?

Funding is a crucial aspect of any Business. A constant cash-flow and finance are vital for the establishment and smooth operation of any Business. But at the initial stage, almost every Business struggles to find a reliable funding source. Especially the entrepreneurs & Micro & Small Business owners face this issue. As their Business ideas […]
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Understanding the benefits of Working Capital Loans

We discussed what the Working Capital Loans and types of Working capital loans are in the previous blog. Now in this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of Working Capital Loans and the criteria to avail them. But first, if you have not read our previous blog about Working Capital Loans, we would recommend […]
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Understanding Letter of Credit for Import/Export

Indian exports are proliferating every year. The contribution of exports in India’s GDP is rising continuously. To assist these exporters and ensure the payment guarantees to them, multiple International Banks offer the Letter of Credit facility. If you are into the Import/Export business, you might know something about the Letter of Credit. If you don’t, […]
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Understanding PMEGP, the easy way

As the Indian population is rising constantly, it is becoming difficult to offer suitable employment to all. Even after the liberalization of 1992, India has largely remain an outsourcing hub for IT services. Although the growth story has been good, to say the least, it’s not enough. There is a dire need for revamping India’s […]
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Budget 2021: Everything about changes in GST

In the recently announced Budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman introduced multiple changes in GS. These changes are aimed to boost  MSME sector that took a massive hit during the Pandemic. Even before the Budget, there were wide speculations of a “one-in-a-hundred-year” budget. So what does this Budget mean for your Business? What changes were introduced […]
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