Privacy Policy

  1. This document is published as per the provisions mentioned under Information Technology Rule 2011.
  2. In this Policy, Probal consulting Group will be referred to as “The Company”, and all the users of the Website, registered and unregistered will be referred to as “a Client” or “Clients.”
  3. Probal Consulting Group reserves the right to alter, modify, elaborate or remove any part of the document without any prior notice to its clients. It is the sole duty of a Client to stay updated with any changes.
  4. It is now understood that once a Client uses any of our services in any manner, they accept this privacy policy without any objection. Every visitor on the site of Probal Consulting Group will be binding to these policies.
  5. Points mentioned in this policy will be treated as a binding contract, without any written documentation or signature about the same. Any miss-interpretation of the details mentioned in this privacy policy is the sole responsibility of a Client. Probal Consulting Group is free to elaborate on the meaning and implications of the same.

Use of personal information of a Client

  1. A client solely understands that every information provided by him/her/it will be used to cater customised service to the Client. This information includes but not limited to, Personal details, Name, email id, bank details, user names, passwords, PAN details, ­­­Adhaar details, address, comments, sex, nationality and age.
  2. The Company reserves the right to track the demography, shopping behaviour, browsing behaviour, and other private information to help us serve our clients in a much better way. The Client agrees that the collection of these details is in no way a breach of privacy.
  3. The Client will be solely responsible for any comment, review or information that is posted on the Company’s Website. Once such content is posted, it will become the Company’s property, and the Company reserves the right to use it in any manner it deems fit to. The Client agrees to raise no objection for such use.
  4. The Client needs to register itself with the Company to use certain services on the Website. The Client will need to submit a few private information like Contact number, Email id, Interest rate etc. The Client agrees that this information can be used by the Company or any of its Subsidiary to advertise about their products.
  5. Clients who are registered with the Company’s services will be asked to submit their review or comment on the services provided by the Company. The Client agrees that this information can be utilised for the purpose of advertisement, marketing or branding. The Client agreed to raise no objection in this matter.
  6. The Client agrees that any review or comment posted by him/her/it can be removed or deleted permanently by the Company without citing any specific reason. No objection in this matter will be entertained.
  7. The Company reserves the final right to publish any review or comment posted by the Client on the Website. Client, by no mean, can compel the Company to make hi/her/its review or comment public.

Sharing of personal information with Subsidiary or any affiliate company :

  1. The Client agrees that any personal information provided to the Company can be shared with any Subsidiary, affiliate, or third-party organisation to help the Company to serve the clients better.
  2. The Client agrees that the Company reserves the right to make his/her/it’s private information in front of the law if compelled to do so. The Client agrees that any private information will be provided to any government investigation agency or law enforcement agency in case of any fraudulent activities. In any of the above or similar circumstances, the Client cannot raise any objection and prevent the Company from doing its lawful duty.
  3. The Client agrees unequivocally that in case of merger, acquisition, re-organisation, amalgamation or restructuring of the Company, with any other business entity, all the personal information can be shared or sold.

Cookies Policy

  1. The Client agrees that he/she/it is aware of the “Cookies” as a piece of code that lets the browser store some private information to track that particular user by it’s IP address to make it user experience more engaging.
  2. The Client agrees that permanent or Temporary cookies can be embedded in the system of the Client.
  3. The Client accepts unequivocally that third party cookies can be stored by the advertising parties son the Company’s website.

Safety and security

  1. The economic safety and security of a Client’s personal information are of paramount importance for Probal Consulting Group. For this purpose, we do not store any information like debit card, credit card or net banking user name and passwords. We forward this information straight to the payment gateway.
  2. The payment gateway we use is highly secured and trusted. But in case of any data leak or hacking, the Client agrees not to hold the Company responsible for the loss of any form.

The Client’s ascent 

The Client agrees that all the information that he/she/it provides can be used by the Company for the purposes mentioned but not limited to, in the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Dispute settlement

Any dispute that may arise due to any reason between a Client and the Company will be settled through a two-step Dispute Resolution mechanism. Dispute resolution mechanism will stay in place even after the expiry of the Contract.

  1. Settlement through Mediation

This mode, a Client and the Company will try to solve the issue on the amicable terms. In case, if the dispute is not solved by settlement, the further process will be initiated within 30 days for the settlement through Arbitration.

  1. Settlement by Arbitration

Settlement by Arbitration will be referred to the sole arbitrator appointed by the Company. The cost of proceeding will be bear by both the parties themselves unless the arbitrator directs otherwise.

The above-mentioned Policies are governed by the law of the land and are binding to the constitution of India. The jurisdiction for any dispute will be Rajkot.

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