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    What is a Digital Signature?

    It is an e-certificate that establishes the identity of any individual. It is a mandatory document needed for the registration of any business entity. This DSC is valid through every Government Department of India. They can be obtained from certifying authorities like E-mudra or Sify. You can get your class 2 or class 3 DSC registered via Probal Consulting Group. We will apply for DSC on your behalf after preparing proper documentation. The validity of such DSCs cab is either three years or two years.

    Digital Signature

    It is issued in the form of a password-protected USB token. Whenever you want to use it, you can plug it into a system, enter the password and use it.

    DSCs are of two types

    Class 2

    These DSCs are generally used for registration and e-filing with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, IT-department and GST department. They can be obtained online after submitting self-attested documents online.

    Class 3

    These DSCs are necessary for various e-tendering and e-commerce activities. They are highly secure and can be obtained only after physical verification of the applicant.

    Required Documents

    Identity proof [ Adhaar card, PAN card, Voting ID, Driving License, Passport]

    Address proof  [Adhaar Card, Driving License of the applicant, Water or Electricity bill, Any certificate from the IT-department or MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs), Property tax receipt ]

    Foreign national can apply for a DSC using the following documents

    Identity proof [ Attested photocopy of Visa, Attested Photo Copy of Resident Permit, Attested Copy of Passport]

    Address proof  [Attested photocopy of Passport or any Government-approved Address proof. ]


    Frequently asked questions

    It is a unique code, allocated to a person that can be used to electronically sign numerous documents and to make certain transactions online. It’s very secure and convenient.
    Practically, there is no difference between both of them.
    Yes, DSC is a valid way to sign any document in the electronic form under IT act 2000.
    No, it is not possible to forge the DSC as the process of obtaining DSC is online and one has to submit legal documents along with biometric verification.
    Government’s push for Digitization and simplified processes has prompted many people to use DSC. As it is a very safe, secure, and easy method, many people are opting for it.

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