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    Working Capital Loan

    Running a business demands a lot to capital expenses on day to day basis. Without sufficient capital, it is not possible to operate a business efficiently. Working Capital loans offer short-term solutions to such financial woes of the company. Such loans can be used to meet daily business needs like salaries of employees, rents, and debt clearings. Various sectors, especially manufacturing industries, rely on cyclic payments depending on the demand for the goods they manufacture. Any setback in demand can destabilize the company’s operations.

    How can we help?

    We offer customized working capital loan solutions to businesses from every vector. We help them avail maximum possible loans at minimum interest. This allows them to manage their business operations flawlessly. We have years of experience in helping industries solve their financial woes. Through our extensive experience and vast network, we can provide all the necessary assistance to our clients in availing such loans.

    Required Documents

    ► Any Identity proof from Adhaar card, PAN card, Voter card

    ► KYC documents for the firm

    ► Financial statements of the past three years

    ► Sales and Purchase bills of the past three years

    ► Bank statement of past one year

    ► Repayment Track Record of any existing loan


    Frequently asked questions

    A business must satisfy the following criteria to avail of working capital loans. a. Businesses must be operational from at least three months. a. Minimum turnover of past three months must be 1,00,000 b. Businesses must not block-listed for SBA finance. c. Trusts and NGOs can not avail of such loans.
    You can avail up to 2 crores under the working capital loan
    No, they are short term loans. The term sits anywhere between 12 months to 24 months. In some circumstances, the term can be extended up to 36 months.
    Yes, the CIBIL score is the credit score assigned by the Credit Bureaus, depending on your financial history. Before offering a Working Capital loan, we will thoroughly check your CIBIL score.
    Yes, you can repay your loan amount early without any extra charges or penalties. We offer this facility to ease the customer’s financial situation.

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