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    WHAT IS Trademark Registration?

    Trademark is an integral part of any business. It distinguishes your brand from the competitors and gives uniqueness. Registering Trademark helps you get exclusive rights over your Trademark and prevent its unauthorized use by any entity or an individual.

    Trademark registration process

    Trademark registration process in India is comparatively lengthy and time-consuming. The process starts with applying for the trademark registration. Then the concerned authorities do a thorough investigation. If they find any irregularities in the application, they raise an objection. The applicant has to answer this objection within the stipulated time period. After all the clarification, if the Trademark office finds the application suitable, they publish it in the Trademark Journal. Anyone can raise any issue against the trademark registration after a few months of publishing of Trademark.

    How can we help?

    We have a dedicated team of experts that have vast experience in the Trade Mark registration. We will help you in filing the application, preparation of response against any objection, filing an opposition, amendments in the applications if necessary, response to any opposition and attending various hearings during the time of registration. Trademark registration is a headache that you don’t have to take! Hire us, and we will manage the whole process while you work hard to propel your business!

    Required Documents

    Following documents are necessary for trademark registration:

    Identity proof of the applicant for the individual applicant

    In the case of a company, identity proof of the director

    Soft copy of the Trademark

    A list of goods and services offered by the business


    Frequently asked questions

    Trademark can be described as a symbol that can consist of a logo, design, image, word, letter, numbers or colours that are designed in a specific manner, that is used by a business to set itself apart from others.
    Following points should be kept in mind while choosing a trademark: a. It should be unique, and must not be same or similar to a trademark of some other brand. b. It should be easy to represent on the paper in the graphic form
    Following are the benefits of having a trademark for your business a. It gives your business a unique identity b. It’s one of the best ways of advertising c. A good trademark intrigues
    Any person who is the proprietor of the business or any other business entity can apply for the trademark, that is being used or will be used by them Or will be used by them.
    A trademark registration gives the right of using the trademark to the business or its proprietor and offers them an opportunity to claim a reimbursement in case someone else uses their trademark without their consent

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