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    RCMC or Registration Cum Membership Certificate

    RCMC or Registration Cum Membership certificate is a five-year registration certificate issued by EPC (Export Promotion Council), FIEO (Federation of India Export Organization) or commodity board established for the promotion of exports from India. Various EPCs like APEDA, SEPC, GJEPC, tea board, EEPC, and spices board issues such certificate to the exporters. The applicant that wants to get RCMC has to submit the application along with complete details of his/her business. This certificate is useful in obtaining various grants and benefits from the Government.

    Uses of RCMC

    Under the following circumstance, RCMC can be useful: If you want authorization to export or import any restricted item from the Government of India If you're going to claim various benefits offered by FTP (Foreign Trade Policy). If you want to claim benefits from Custom and Central Excise Authorities

    How can we help?

    Application of RCMC needs submission of duly filled application form ANF 2C. You need to mention various other business-related details too. For example, if you are applying to import or export garments, you need approval from AEPC (Apparel Export Promotion Council). If you are applying for other items, you need to get approval from the relevant EPC. This is a very complex task. We can help you simplify your registration process. With years of experience in assisting businesses to get RCMC, we can easily tackle any issue that arises during the application. This will help you eliminate any delay caused due to any incorrect details or documents.

    Required Documents

    ► IEC number [ Import Export Code issued after the application for imports and export license.]

    ► PAN card [ PAN card of the proprietor in case of proprietorship or of director in case of the company ]

    ► Partnership deed if the business entity is a partnership firm

    ► Trust deed if the business entity is a Trust

    ► Articles and Memorandum of Association if the business entity is Corporate, Private limited or Limited Company

    Frequently asked questions

    The validity of RCMC is of five years, counting from 1st April of the year in which registration is obtained to 31st March of the fifth year.
    RCMC registration can be obtained from the Federation of Indian Exporters Organizations (FIEO). RCMC registration may be obtained If the export product is not covered by any EPC. RCMC registration can be obtained for the exporters of forest produce and value-added products from the Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council (SHEFEXIL). Software experts can acquire RCMC from Electronic and Computer Software EPC (ESC).
    Yes, you can change the name, constitution, or it’s addressed by submitting a duly filled application to the relevant authority.
    You will have to submit your quarterly returns and all the details of the item and quantity you export to the relevant RCMC.

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