Month: January 2021

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Governemnt Credit schemes for MSMEs

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the Indian economy. Apart from their massive role in the Indian GDP, they also offer employment to a large section of Indian society. Unfortunately, these enterprises, especially the Micro and Small ones, regularly face cash inflow problems that impact their business operations.  To solve these problems […]
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What is Mudra Loan? Who can avail it?

To start or operate any business, the fund is of critical essence. Now and then businesses, especially Micro and Small Businesses, face funding issues that hamper their operations. These MSMEs play a vital role in the Indian Economy and employ lacs of skilled and unskilled individuals. So it became vital to solving the funding issue […]
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What is Capital Gain and how it is taxed?

With the decreasing rates of Fixed Deposits, many young investors are looking for better investment options. Stock Market is rapidly becoming popular amongst youngsters as an option. As India is a booming market right now, it’s an excellent place to invest via stocks and shares. But, when you invest in shares of any company, it […]
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How can you save TDS on Mutual Funds?

If you are a regular investor in various investment options that offer dividends, you might have heard of Form 15 G and Form 15H. If your tax liability is zero, these forms can help you save TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). As per the new rules that kicked in from 01 April 2020, dividends on […]
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What are SSIs in India?

Small Scale Industries or SSIs hold an important place in the Indian economy. These industries are indulged in varied business activities like Production and manufacturing of daily use items and certain services, albeit at micro-scale. These industries are generally labour-intensive with minimal technologies and modern tools at their disposal. The investment in basic machinery in […]
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How to Launch a Startup in India?

India is rapidly becoming a Startup in the world. The rising young generation of India is shifting its focus from traditional to unique and new businesses. The massive population of 1.3 billion also makes India an ideal place to launch startups. This massive population has varied needs, and these needs can be easily converted into […]
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What is the Difference between Bookkeeping & Accounting?

Accounting and Bookkeeping, both are critical components of your Business. Theses two components manage your finances throughout the year and ensure your Business runs smoothly and grow. Ultimately, it is well-managed finance that ensures a successful Business. As Accounting and Bookkeeping both are in the management and handling of the finance, some Business owners might […]
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