Terms & Conditions

Signing an agreement with Probal Consulting Group deduces that the client accepts all the terms and conditions unquestionably. No alteration in these terms and conditions is allowed without the prior consent of Probal Consulting Group.

Any exceptions in these terms and conditions have to be mentioned in an agreement signed between the client and Probal Consulting Group.

Probal consultant reserves the right to make any alteration or amendments in these terms and conditions without any prior notice to clients. It’s the client’s responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly for any alteration.

Probal Consulting Group cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by the client due to modifications in these terms and conditions.

Protection of your personal information

  • Being a professional organization, Probal Consultanting Group assures you that none of your personal information will be sold or will be made freely available to anyone outside the organization without your prior consent.
  • Probal Consulting Group strictly adheres to all the ethics of business and will not use any of your personal information other than initially agreed upon.
  • These do not include reviews and ratings provided by you on our public platform.
  • We use cutting edge security systems to protect your personal information stored in our servers.
  • Said that Probal Consulting Group cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by a client due to leak of personal data occurring due to any unethical activity like, but not limited to, Hacking, Phishing, or Piracy.
  • Information provided by you on such platforms will be used for, but not limited to, improve our services, for marketing and advertisement purposes, for customizing user experience and surveys.
  • We may share some of your personal information with our associates to help you serve better.

Usage of our services

  • All our services are exclusive for our clients only. Client agrees to use all our services in the manner agreed upon in the agreement. Any un-ethical or unauthorized usage of our services may attract legal action from our end.
  • Any damages incurred by Probal Consulting Group due to unauthorized usage of our services by the client will be the sole responsibility of the client.
  • All the logos, trademarks, copyrights, and patents are the property of Probal Consulting Group only. Any unauthorized use by a client will attract legal actions.

Indemnification clause:

  • On signing the agreement, the client agrees that Probal Consulting Group or any of its stakeholders, employees, directors, or agents cannot be indemnified in any form for the violation of this agreement due to misconduct on your end by you or any of your representatives.
  • Probal Consulting Group is bound to deliver services strictly as per the payment made by the client, as mentioned in the agreement. No complaint will be entertained by Probal Consultant if the client fails to pay agreed remunerations.


Although Probal consulting Group takes extreme care to ensure error-free and timely service with utmost dedication, Probal Consulting Group does not guarantee or warranty

  • That our services will fulfil all your requirements
  • That our services will be error-free, correct and punctual
  • That no personal information of a client will be leaked
  • That our services will be completely reliable


Probal Consulting Group cannot be held liable for the following, but not limited to :

  • Losses of any nature, be it in the form of money, reputation, or other intangible losses that may occur by using our services.
  • Losses incurred by you due to changes in the policy of Probal Consulting Group, any of its associates or Government of India.
  • Damages due to the theft of personal information from our servers.
  • Damages that may occur due to any inaccurate data provided by a client.
  • Damages that may arise due to your negligence in protecting your account and password.

Force Majeure

Probal Consulting Group cannot be held liable for any monetary compensation or any in any other way for any losses suffered by a client due to the events of Force Majeure or an Act Of God.

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