What is Trademark and Why your business needs it?

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Every one of us has heard the word “Trademark”. We often use this word in our day to day life to allot a unique identity to something. 

What is a Trademark?

Talking in legal terms, a Trademark is a unique identity of any business consisting either a Logo, specific Sign, or any Design that sets it apart from other companies. This helps customers to differentiate between multiple brands that serve the same products or services. 

Why is Trademark Registration crucial?

There are many reasons for having your Trademark registered. Let’s take a look at them one by one

  • Get’s your message across

Take a look at every major brand out there. Every one of them has a Trademark, and that Trademark conveys a specific meaning. For e.g. Amazon. The arrow in the logo of Amazon indicates they sell everything, from “A to Z”!

Similarly, the logo of Fed Ex has an arrow between the words, “Fed” & “Ex”. This arrow signifies that the Company is always moving forward.

In short, a Trademark delivers the core message of your business without saying much!

  • Makes your business easy to find

The competition in the current market is cut-throat. Numerous brands are delivering the same or similar services and products as yours. So if you want to survive in this fiercely competitive market, you have to stand out in the crowd.

That’s where your Trademark comes in. It makes your business easily recognizable and maintains your loyal customer base.

  • Connects people with your brand

People love story, and every brand has one worth sharing! Your Trademark helps you narrate that story within a second or two and connects you and your customer emotionally. In the times where choices are readily available, having an emotional bond with customers is a blessing. 

  • Shares your value with the Society

If you want your business to grow, it’s vital to be a part of the Society. Sharing your values and what you plan to give back to the Society is crucial. Trademark plays a crucial role in that. 

Let me give you an example. We all have seen the logo of Mc. Donalds. It’s a big M, and many of you might even know that it indicates two nourishing breasts. 

This is very significant, as the Trademark of Mc. Donalds is sharing it’s value with the Society, that it strives to offer nourishing food. 

  • It keeps your legacy alive

For many of us, every business is more than generating revenues. It’s about leaving a legacy behind. Imagine the impact TATA industries had on Indian Society. Its logo has become a beacon of hope for the people of India! 

That’s’ the reason enough for you to register your Trademark as it will stay with you forever and keep your legacy alive.

Who can apply for a trademark?

Following individuals or business entities can apply for a Trademark

  1. A Private Ltd company, an LLP, or OPC having a famous trademark can register it to differentiate their business
  2. Any Proprietor having a compelling Trademark for his/her services or products can apply for Trademark 
  3. Partnership firms too can apply for Trademark
  4. Central Government and State Government can apply for the Trademark for any of their undertaking organizations. 
  5. Any Trust can apply for the registration of their Trademark 
  6. A person with a principal place in India or outside India can also apply for the Trademark registration.

Documents necessary for Trademark registration

Following Documents are required for trademark registration

  1. An Application for Trademark Registration 
  2. Copy of the Trademark you want to register
  3. A Copy of CRC(Company Registration Certificate)
  4. Any valid ID proof (Voter Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving License)
  5. An affidavit from the applicant


Sometimes people often get confused between a registered Trademark and registered Company name. So it’s essential to understand that Trademark is the registration of a logo or any other Visual symbol. On the contrary, Company name is the name that is registered with Registrar of Company (ROC) under the Companies Act, 2013.

Conclusive thoughts

I hope after this discussion, you have understood the importance of a registered Trademark and the impact it can have on your business. So if you are an entrepreneur or already have an established business, I would recommend that you should get your Trademark registered.

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